Friday, March 30, 2012

Right session and time.

Just having our section gathering yesterday night at church. I can't really take it all the words that Daniel share, just because all of them are just too awesome for me. Calling, harvest session, devil attack, culture of honor, and all of them. Oh my goodness, I'm in the right session and I'm prepare to go for the war! Is time! After the equiping by Oliver, is time! I can't imagine the life that we will have after all these things happen. Come on! Let's don't just talking about it, but do it! Walk the talk! Let's have more faith in Him, who is healing, provide, love and deliverance! Now I know why they keep praying to God to shorten the time, because I also can't wait for that to come! Oh Lord!!! I'll see Your face one day!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The kingdom, for the Kings!

Kingdom Invation! The impactful healing school I ever had in my life! I thank God that He put these 3 wonderful gentlemen to came to singapore and spread the fire! In the meeting, too much of things happen. Renewal of mind, spiritual breakthrough, impartation of anointing all happen during the conference. People get heal, and get in touch more and more with God; all of these will be only describe in one word, "IS AWESOME TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT OF GOD!" We stay there for 5 days, what happen in my eyes was people talking about Father Lord, discussing kingdom work, pray for healing, and impart anointing!!! That's really like live in heaven! But I know our real home heaven is much more than that! haha! Look at those people that hungry for God more than more, me myself also feel glad for them! Of course include our beloved church members!!! Lets Spread the Fire into our work place! into our country!
"Lets not just receive the waves, but we also create the waves!!!"
"Lets pray for the sick like Jesus did!"
"Lets seek first the kingdom!"
At last but not least, give thanks to Jesus that we are in the right timing of God's plan! AMEN!!!